COMCERTIS ANALYTICS & CONSULTING (CAC) is a well-known and one-stop solution for all the client’s research requirements regarding market research reports. We take care to satisfy our customers to fulfill by providing high-quality and timely reports, which make us successful more as compared to our competitors.
You can visit our website www.comcertis.com then you can either search your required report by using the search box or you can use Reports menu where you can search current list of reports. For any other information or help feel free to get in touch with us +91 – 770 925 4400 or email at sales@comcertis.com.
We have 3 different types of licenses:

Single User License: The purchase of a & Single User License' grants access to a specific report for one person only and must not be shared with any other person or employee within the same company.
Multi User License: The purchase of a & Multi-User License’ grants access to a specific report for two to five users only within the same company.
Enterprise License: The purchase of an & Enterprise License’ grants access to a specific report to a company-wide audience. This includes subsidiary companies or other companies within a group of companies.
We are associated with the top leading publishers and research firms and those reports are produced by them.
Our sales executive is available to help you out, you can contact us at +91 – 770 925 4400 or write sales@comcertis.com, our sales executive will take your inquiry will help you out within 24 hours.
The report prices vary and it depends on publishers and research firms to get the best price to feel free to contact us at +91 – 770 925 4400 or write sales@comcertis.com.
Our website is integrated with popular payment gateways like PayPal, you can do the payment by using Paypal.
Purchased product for online delivery is normally delivered within 4-5 business days. Due to the various time zones our publisher and research firms are located, the timeline for delivery of the products can be vary for each customer.